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Why Business Packaging Is Important

Packing Design is the term applied to packaging design Isle of wight designers who either works on packaging designs, or packaging design companies whose primary activity is packaging designs.

Isle of Wight designers create packaging for a wide variety of products and services: consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, industrial products, household products, food service items such as coffee and tea bags as well as baby foods; the list goes on and includes high tech systems like computers where a product may come in many forms (e.g., laptop cases). And don’t forget paper packaging! When we take into account all of these new product categories for which packages are required – not to mention that today’s designer must also be visually literate with traditional media formats — it is no wonder that professionals often specialize in certain packaging formats or packaging materials/methods.

The packaging designer’s role can be described from two different perspectives: packaging design process and packaging design output. Designers responsible for packaging design execution may work within a department of packaging or graphics, production packaging engineers, systems packaging engineers or marketing. Their roles vary depending on the level at which they are involved in the packaging process – concept generation or project management – as well as their place in the overall chain of command between marketing and the customer contact (e.g., retailers). They provide input into a company’s packaging strategy, design its packaging components (e.g., package body; label) and manage their integration into finished packages that go out to customers such as you — through professional people, machinery and time-tested packaging processes – and they do it under varying market, competitive, regulatory and aesthetic conditions. On the packaging design output side of the packaging designer’s role definition is packaging graphics: packaging concepts, packaging designs which are “seen” by you as a final customer.

The size and complexity of companies may vary from a small business having no packaging design department at all to corporations that have departments devoted solely to packaging-related activities. In large companies packaging designers often act as “generalists” with responsibilities including working on candidates for new package formats (research); developing new or redesigned packages; being responsible for total packaging systems (design management); supporting sales in differentiating the company’s offering through its packaging; working on additional projects such as visual identity, packaging promotional displays and packaging product literature.

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In packaging companies packaging designers fulfill a number of roles: strategic packaging designer, research packaging designer, packaging graphics designer, project packaging designer (packaging system design), implemented packaging designer (from concept to finished package tier) or packaging specialists depending on their role in the company’s structure and its packaging activities.

A growing number of companies are outsourcing packaging designs on various levels – contract services focused primarily on one type of job such as creating concepts; printed graphics; converting artwork into a digital format for output onto different materials and so forth; product ideation services encompassing design strategies both in terms of marketing results and waste reduction solutions – hence only providing the former two categories above. The title given to them depends on the packaging designer’s role in the packaging company; packaging designer, packaging design manager, packaging design coordinator. Whatever their title and employment situation packaging designers develop packaging graphics under varying conditions – market, competitive, regulatory and aesthetic – which determine what they do within companies such as yours.

In theory packaging designs can be developed by a single packaging designer or in groups of two or three — packaging graphics designers — who have different work station setups to accommodate (for example) working on LCDs/CRTs while others are working on large format output devices like those for direct thermal printing technology. In smaller companies more than three people may be involved in developing creative ideas and producing packaging graphics according to an established methodology that includes voice-of-customer information. In packaging companies packaging graphics are developed as packaging systems also referred to as packaging projects or packaging designs. Once packaging graphics have been produced and approved they need to be implemented into finished packages that go onto the market — from design through manufacturing including assembly, packaging printing, shipping to warehouses and retail distribution channels.

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The packaging graphics designs that turn packaging art into packaging reality are implemented by packaging technical (or implementation) designers who also work in packaging companies and companies related to packaging. Depending on the size of packaging clients they may have packaging design departments or they outsource packaging design. The term “packaging designer” is used here interchangeably with the terms “packaging graphics designer,” “packaging artist”, “creative packaging designer” and so forth depending on what the individual’s role is within a company — for example: marketing packaging designer.

In your company do you wonder what packaging designers do ? Understanding just what creating innovative, attention-getting and effective package designs means – from concept to deliverable — can answer that question.

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