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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic designers create the visual element to advertisements, websites, magazines, leaflets, brochures and business cards amongst much more. Graphic design is a creative job using both creativity as well as technical know-how. At Isle Of Wight Designer, we can design print materials as well as a host of other marketing tools such as digital presentations, illustrations and 3D virtual tours. Graphic design is not limited to print media but can be used for websites or vector-based work where designers have complete creative control over the look and feel of the site or application.
Graphic designers are also responsible when making sure information is displayed in the best way possible. Graphic designers make sure images are in sync with the correct text or information and that can be read easily by the person viewing them. Graphic designers use different types of software to create their designs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign amongst others but also have an eye for making things look great which means they will not only know
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Should I Hire a Graphic Designer on the Isle of Wight?

At Isle of Graphic Designers, we focus on creating a brand for your business. Branding is one of the most important aspects when it comes to print design and as print designers, we understand that a lot of work goes into a print project and therefore branding should be taken seriously not only by print designers but also by clients themselves.
We always talk about how print design can have a positive impact on the business it is used for. After all, if your marketing materials are not eye-catching enough to capture the attention of potential customers then why do you think that those same customers will visit your website?
So, what does branding mean for print design? Well, there are many elements that go into making up a brand. The logo you choose can portray your brand in a certain way which is why we specialize in vector design. A vector logo allows for much more flexibility than rasterized images because they are vector-based whereas vector graphics, or vector designs as many call them, are made up of lines and curves rather than pixels that make up an image.

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Logo Design Service

When logo designing, we will start by identifying the logo design elements along with your logo ideas. This includes colour schemes, fonts and any “meeting marks” which is where two logos come together to make up the third logo. We never want to lose sight of your brand when it comes to logo design because we understand that one logo can sustain a business’s identity.
Another logo design element that is key to logo design is logo animation. Logo animation or logo reveals bring the logo to life and can be used in different ways for advertising purposes such as on your website, social media platforms or even on local television.
When designing a logo, we always want to keep it simple but also remember that logo design can be broken down into three different logotypes: expressive, symbolic and abstract.
Expressive logo designs are similar to a logo that has been created using an object or image. These logo designs will always have an element of movement in them but they are not animated like the symbolic logo design.
Symbolic logo designs do not use any logo design elements to form the logo. Instead, they rely on logo animation or logo reveals which are brought to life.
Abstract logo designs are a combination of different logo design elements. For instance, we could have an animated logo reveal using a symbol and then the same symbol could be used in the logo as an expressive design element.

What can Isle Of Wight Web Designers Do For You?

We offer experienced passionate grapgic designer that will work with you to discuss your web marketing goals and web design needs. Having the opportunity to talk through your web design or web page development project helps us better understand your graphic design service and web development needs. This improves our web design process and helps our web designers develop specific business requirements for you. Of course, the web design cost is also determined by the types of the web page you want to develop. Some people choose simple illustration while others prefer more complicated web designing like an online store or interactive graphic banners.