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Has Your Website Been Hacked or Think It Might Be?

The digital age has made life easier in many ways, and more complicated in others. As a website owner, you are faced with the challenge of protecting your online presence from malicious attacks. When hacked, a website can bring both reputational harm and profound financial losses to its owner. Simply restoring hacked servers is not enough; you need to thoroughly cleanse your WordPress installation of all compromised code before bringing it back up on the web.

And therein lies the problem: cleaning hacked websites is hard work for busy owners who already have a full plate just trying to run their business. You cannot afford to break off time to focus on keeping your website secure or repairing its damage after an attack. With hacked websites down for an average of 7 days and hacked WordPress sites being hacked again within 24 hours, you need to be proactive about addressing the issue.

The Problem with Hacked Websites and Why They Get Cleaned Quickly
When a website owner discovers that their site has been hacked, they are faced with an immediate decision: how quickly should I clean up my hacked website? The answer varies depending on your business goals and the nature of the attack itself. If your hacked website is fairly new and not widely known or trusted, going down for even one day can significantly damage your brand. But what about older websites? Should these be cleaned up as soon as possible as well? That really depends on whether you still want people accessing them, or if you have alternative solutions in place.

Hacked websites are hacked for a reason – they were not properly secured. This security failure can also leave your website vulnerable to other attacks, and cleaning hacked websites quickly is the only way to address that risk. For most hacked websites, this means getting back online as fast as possible while you figure out where the root cause of the problem lies.

Restoring A Backup

Is restoring hacked WordPress sites really worth it? When you consider the potential impact on your business, it’s clear hacked websites must be cleaned up immediately. Here are some reasons why:

  1. If you have a suspicion that your website has been logged into by someone recently (un authorised), time may be on your side. You should contact a website hacker fix up specialist to have a second look
  2. Dependant on the hacked website, your backups may have also been injected with malware, meaning that a backup will not ultimately fix the problem.
  3. Restoring a potentially corrupt backup is fairly technical and if not done correctly, or supervised by a professional un hacking expert, it could cause further loss to the website.
  4. Search engines may blacklist your website if that believe its been hacked with bad seo. This can take upto a year to regain back.


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Removing Malware

If you are here, surely I don’t have to tell you malware is a terrible thing that will make your users run away from your website – most likely towards another competitor’s website.

Malware in one or more of the following areas:

-Webpages: malware injected through code, stored in comment boxes, inline link codes found on other websites.

-Mail: malware that changes every email sent out to a potential customer.

-Social Media: malware that allows hackers to access everything you post on social media sites such as Facebook and youtube, malware that uses your social media accounts as platforms for rogue websites.

-Ads/Paid Marketing: malware allowing customization of ads on the webpage when the website owner is trying to increase their sales via paid marketing (google adwords are one example). This malware could also be distributed through links found in article directories, blog comments, or even using textual spam.

Malware can be difficult to detect because it not only appears differently in each situation (a change in form based on what platform it appears on or where), but malware can be modified to display differently based on the location of the malware on your website. The malware may only need to change an image or a logo in one place but must change images, content, and links across 100 pages if it begins in one blog post and is being used across every page of your website. If you have malware on your site, then you will need malware removal services from professionals that are skilled at removing malware and protecting websites for these attacks. When malware takes over a WordPress website or any other platform (Joomla eCommerce stores are also very susceptible) the malware will insert itself into everything possible – even deleting legitimate information from your site and replacing it with malicious content.

Malware injection can happen many ways:

-Injection of malware directly into your website code.

-Malware that uses a CMS theme or plugin for malware injection. The malware can be injected into the platform you are using with the specific purpose of inserting malware on every site using that malware-infected platform. It is not uncommon to have malware infect WordPress themes or Joomla plugins, and when this happens it will infect all websites using these platforms since it targets them at their core level. This is why it’s important to keep all your platforms up-to-date because outdated platforms open sites up to malware injections – especially if they are free (since someone has likely modified them) or pirated versions since some malware injectors insert themselves into pirated content before it even makes it to the website. If you want malware removal services, malware experts are familiar with malware source code and will be able to locate malware based on this knowledge.

-Malware that uses viruses and other malicious files hosted at websites that can provide automatic updates – especially for malware written in ‘computer languages’ such as c++ or java because these malware types are often invisible to antivirus software since they use language-specific functions that differ much from a human’s ability to read code. Most malware specialists have experience in computer programing so they know how to find malware written in computer code language.

Service Types: When someone wants their website malware removed we offer two services: Customized Malware Removal Services (we customize our service depending on how malware is injected into your website and the malware type) or a malware removal package (we offer multiple malware types with malware removal service from £245). We customize our services on a case by case basis because it’s important to fully understand what malware has infected your website. A malware removal package is useful if you want to remove the most common malware injections that are commonly spread through links found in article directories, blog comments, or even using textual spam.

Malware Removal Service Details: Our malware specialists will find all locations of malware injection so they can remove them completely and prevent future attempts at reinfection. When we find individual infections of malware we write custom code to delete those instances because not all hosts have automatic malware detection features on their website. At the malware source, we find malware files and delete them all over our website security platform that we use to protect websites from malware attacks. We also have human malware detection specialists available 24 hours a day if any malware injection is hard for us to automatically detect and remove. This means you’ll never get malware reappearing on your site because it will be completely removed with malware removal service for WordPress sites or eCommerce stores (we can also remove malware injections in Joomla! or other platforms).

Malware Removal Service Benefits: Once the malware has been fully removed, our monitoring features continue to guard your website against reinfection by blocking attempts at malware injection as well as identifying any new search engine ranking problems caused by malicious links. This malware removal process is not only useful for malware injections, but also malware ‘crawlers’ that attempt to access websites in search of vulnerabilities. Some malware injections are known as ‘pharming’, which means they can redirect you from one website to another; this malware type is often used by organized crime because it involves routing victims away from their private banking sites or eCommerce platforms like Amazon so criminals can steal passwords and credit card numbers.


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